GSM e-mail setting for sending alert via sms (message) to insert a new ticket

About the insertion of the new ticket you are notified every time by sending an e-mail message to the e-mail address you have specified in the registration data. The fact is, however, you find out it only when you log in and it may not be always possible. Therefore, you have the option, to set GSM email in your registration data in the section "Changing the registration data", which will send you a notification about new insertion of the ticket via sms (message) to your mobile phone. GSM email you can set easily according to the instructions at:

For members of other countries EU:

For the GSM email setting please contact your mobile phone provider to help you with that.



Every client has information in his administration about bonuses, which appear in the window "reward" right below the main menu.

In the window "reward" is displayed the following information:

current - the current amount that is counted on-line in the running month and information is whenever available for the client. At the end of the last day of the running month at the time of 24:00 the current amount of money transfers to the "to pay out" box and box "current" comes to zero (if the actual amount doesn´t reach the min. 1.000 CZK or the set amount for payment, the amount remains in the box "current" for the next billing period and until the amount reaches the right level of money).

to pay out – it is going about the actual amount, which from the box "current" at 24:00 transfers into the  box "to pay out". The amount to be paid out in accordance with the terms and conditions in the contract then is paid out to the client. After payment is the information in the box "to pay out" reset

paid - the amount, which was paid out to the client for the previous period (last month), i.e. amount that was listed in the box "to pay out" and after the payment is transferred into the box "paid”

paid totally - The total amount paid out to the client for all periods, i.e., the amount in the box "paid out" is constantly counted in the "total".

Note: It is necessary to set in the registration data the amount of compensation to be paid out. To every client is automatically set amount for the payment of CZK 1,000, i.e., the reward will be paid out to the client after reaching the amount for payment in accordance with the terms and conditions. The client can set any amount for payment bracketed by CZK 1,000, whereas the minimum adjustable amount is CZK 1,000.


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